15-Year-Old Girl Pepper Sprayed At Donald Trump Rally — But What All Happened In This Violent Moment? Watch & Find Out!

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Violence continues to follow Donald Trump‘s campaign at every turn.

On Tuesday, a teenage girl got pepper sprayed directly in the face while protesting outside a Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Thousands of Trump supporters gathered for the rally on Tuesday, but when a group of protesters arrived, things got particularly heated between a 15-year-old protester and a male supporter of the GOP frontrunner.

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Crowd footage of the altercation shows a teen girl with short blonde hair and glasses shouting something to a man with grey hair.

After a heated exchange, the girl appears to sock the man in the face, when a second unidentified man reaches over and sprays her with pepper spray.

According to police, the girl — identified on social media as Alex — claimed the man she appears to take a swing at had groped her. But Dan Crandall denied inappropriately touching the teen, saying that supporters had been “warned not to make contact with protesters.”

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In a video filmed after the incident, Crandall said the protester had been shouting “black lives matter,” and got upset when supporters were shouting “all lives matter” in response.

He said:

“She challenged me, saying ‘why are you at a Trump rally if you are a grown man?’ And I replied that that was exactly why I was at a Trump rally – because I am a grown man and I want to make this country great again.”

The teen protester was escorted out of the crowd and treated at a local hospital. Officials are currently looking for two men — one for the alleged assault and the other accused of spraying the girl’s face.

What do YOU think of this? Watch the cray video (below) to see the scary incident, and hear the Trump supporter’s side of the story after the spraying went down!

[Image via YouTube.]

Mar 30, 2016 10:29am PST

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