Seth Meyers HIGHlariously Gives A Play-By-Play On His Son’s Birth, Reveals His Name, & Receives A Baby Gift From Tracy Morgan — Score!

Want a play-by-play on the birth of Seth Meyers‘ baby? Yes?

Well that’s good, because the late night host dedicated a nice portion of his Tuesday show to telling his audience about what EXACTLY went down when his son with wife Alexi came two weeks early! Awww!

The Saturday Night Live alum dished about how he and his pregnant wife jumped into the car of a shocked Uber driver (who thankfully kept his cool), and that Mrs. Meyers then proceeded to scream out the window while going through contractions.

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He explained:

“Only in New York City could you drive that way and not have people say, ‘That woman’s being abducted. There is an abduction taking place right now.’ She would be screaming while we were stopped at stoplights and people were just crossing the street and my wife was screaming out the window, ‘I don’t like this.’ And I feel like New Yorkers are just walking by like, ‘It’s New York nobody likes anything!'”

HIGHlarious! Seth later explained that he and his lady decided to name their little guy Ashe Olsen after Alexi’s maiden name and his own mother’s maiden name.

Although, it appears that a few people have already inquired if the new parents named the tiny tot after an Olsen Twin. He quipped:

“A couple of people have said to us, ‘Ashe Olsen├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥do you think people will think you named him after Ashley Olsen?’ And to them I said, ‘No one will think that because I’ve long been a Mary-Kate [Olsen] guy.'”

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the laugh out loud story for yourself (above) and take a look at what Tracy Morgan had to give Seth as a baby gift (below)!

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Mar 30, 2016 9:05am PDT

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