Madonna Wants To Hash Out Her Custody Issues In A Face-To-Face Meeting With Rocco & Guy Ritchie!

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Could this bitter drama finally be coming to a close?

According to US Weekly, Madonna is ready to settle her custody battle with Guy Ritchie once and for all. A source claims the singer wants this meeting to be face-to-face instead of through lawyers.

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Madge, who has battled Guy for custody of their 15-year-old son Rocco since December, is hoping the sit down will occur before a proposed court hearing on June 1. The Hail Mary effort comes on the heels of Madonna’s recent public displays of heartache and lonely holidays.

At the potential meeting in April, an insider revealed that there will be “no lawyers”.

Unfortunately for the icon, this plan doesn’t seem to jive with the father and son duo:

“Madonna is pushing to resolve things, but Guy recently disappeared to the Maldives with Rocco. He isn’t resolving anything now.”


Apparently the teenager is hesitant to end things peacefully because he believes the pop star doesn’t have his best interests at heart:

“Rocco feels that she is more concerned with proving Guy wrong than with what he wants.”

Aww! Considering how much the momma adores her son, we doubt this is true!

Either way, we hope the trio can reach a conclusion that suits everyone!

Mar 31, 2016 1:36pm PDT

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