Kylie Jenner Snaps At Young Fan Trying To Take A Selfie With Her! Watch The Showdown & Decide If She Was Rude Or Right!

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Has all the lipgloss and nail polish gone to Kylie Jenner‘s head?

On Thursday night, Kylie showed off her dark side while confronting a young fan outside of the popular restaurant Craig‘s. Apparently, Ms. Jenner didn’t want to interact with her swarm of fans just hours of releasing her inneresting lip gloss video.

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While K.J. typically poses for selfies with her followers, this time she seemed absolutely disinterested. Not to mention Jenner got into a snippy confrontation with a tween who dared to touch her arm!

Check out the awkward and uncomfortable moment obtained by TMZ (below)!

Yikes! We can’t imagine media trained Kim Kardashian West pulling this move!

Even though the fan should have respected Kylie’s personal space, we wonder why the reality star chose the most publicity hungry eatery in Los Angeles to grab a bite. Girl couldn’t go on the DL to some restaurant in Calabasas if she was feeling salty?

So, what do YOU think of this incident?

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 1, 2016 11:31am PST

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