Megyn Kelly Guesses At Why Donald Trump Hates Her In Revealing New Interview!

Poor Megyn Kelly.

She’s not exactly working for the good guys as an anchor on Fox News, but she absolutely doesn’t deserve anything close to what Donald Trump has been putting her through over the last few months.

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Now, in a revealing new interview that will air in full this weekend on CBS Sunday Morning, Kelly speaks with anchor Charlie Rose about how difficult the last few months have been for her, and what she thinks about The Donald’s actions.

You can see a short preview of the full interview (above), but here’s the key quote to focus in on regarding The Donald (below):

Charlie Rose: Some think about this, and they look at it, and they say, “Why her?”

Megyn Kelly: I think it’s very clear to him that he cannot control the editorial on my show, or from me, in a debate or other setting.

Charlie Rose: Just that? That’s all it is?

Megyn Kelly: I wouldn’t want to speculate beyond that.


Kelly may not want to speculate, but WE will…

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Do U think that maybe The Donald — who has a terrible record with women — doesn’t like seeing a woman who won’t cave to his needs and demands??

After all, the trouble all began after Kelly infamously challenged the presidential contender, and put him on notice that he wasn’t going to be able to have his way with her reporting!

We’ll definitely have to see this full interview on Sunday morning, only on CBS.

Apr 1, 2016 2:34pm PDT

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