Nick Young Insults A Fan’s Looks On Twitter! Let The Downward Spiral Commence!

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Nick Young… you got to stop.

Just days after D’Angelo Russell shared a video of Nick seemingly admitting to cheating, Iggy Azalea‘s maybe fianc├â┬⌐ got into a Twitter squabble with a huge basketball fan. To add insult to injury, Young responded to the girl’s innocent jab with a dig about her looks.

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Sigh. Is this really how you want to conduct yourself after causing the breakdown of your engagement, Nick?

Basically, the 30-year-old got super sensitive when the fan in question made a joke about his grammar skills. While we’re not sure why this was necessary, it’s sort of par for the course to encounter Twitter trolls when you’re famous.

Check out the ridiculous exchange (below)!

Wow! The basketball player really went there!

While you’d expect the offending fan to be hurt, she’s actually doing pretty well:

As for the the rest of social media, it seems like everyone is pretty divided on who to side with. Either way, we think Young should take a break from Twitter until he resolves things with Iggy… it’s never a good idea to tweet when you’re upset!

So, do YOU think Nick took things to far?

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Apr 1, 2016 12:11pm PDT

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