The Family Of Robert Durst’s Missing Wife Petitions To Have Her Officially Declared Dead

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What a sad process for Kathleen Durst‘s family.

According to legal docs, Kathleen’s family is petitioning a judge to have her declared dead. The New York native was married to alleged murderer and criminal Robert Durst up until her disappearance in 1982.

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For those don’t know, Robert is widely suspected to have killed Kathie over a marital issues and had allegedly beat her in the past. Some argue Durst had even confessed his crime to his former best friend Susan Berman… a woman he’s now accused of also murdering in 2000.

Yep, this is one crazy case. To make matters even more interesting, Mr. Durst allegedly said he “killed them all” in the documentary series The Jinx.

With all this circumstantial evidence stacked against R.D., Kathleen’s family hopes a judge will declare their loved one dead so they may proceed with a lawsuit against the alleged murderer. In the multi-million dollar suit, the fam claims Robert’s involvement in Kathie’s disappearance has blocked them from choosing her form of burial, which is against their rights.

Kathie’s sister said in her appeal to the judge:

“There is a strong probability that Durst killed Kathie. He is a violent criminal who had physically beaten Kathie on numerous occasions before her disappearance.”

How heartbreaking. We just hope the judge does what’s best for the family and for Kathy.

What do YOU think of this latest legal move?

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Apr 1, 2016 8:01pm PST

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