Resident Evil: Extinction Actress Spencer Locke Enlists LAPD To Hunt Down Internet Creep Who Threatened To Rape & Shoot Her

spencer locke threatened instagram

No person deserves to go through this.

On Monday, it was revealed that Resident Evil: Extinction star Spencer Locke has the LAPD hunting down a scary internet troll from Instagram who threatened to rape and shoot her. Oh man!

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Law enforcement sources have dished that the Detention actress has been given a fright after one IG user left a particularly violent and vulgar message for her online. The troll threatened:

“I’ll rape you Spencer Locke I’ll f*ck your brains out then I’ll use a pillow put it over your face then I’ll pull the trigger then I’ll cry.”

That is just so terrifying! We would’ve called the cops too.

Luckily for the blonde beauty, the police are taking this matter seriously and have issued a warrant to obtain the user’s account information. Unfortunately, the cops have yet to track down the suspect.

However, when they DO find the nasty IG follower, the police intend to bring him (or her) in for questioning. Hopefully this case gets solved sooner than later.

Good luck!

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Apr 4, 2016 8:37am PDT

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