Wicked Composer Stephen Schwartz Bans North Carolina Performances Over Anti-LGBT Law!

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Good for Stephen Schwartz!

The legendary Tony Award-winning Broadway composer and his collaborators are halting ALL productions of Wicked and all his other works in the state of North Carolina to protest the passing of the state’s very controversial anti-LGBT bill!

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The composer shared a very heartfelt and emotional message in Broadway World explaining his decision to stop performances in the beleaguered state, writing in part:

“I feel that it is very important that any state that passes such a law suffer economic and cultural consequences, partly because it is deserved and partly to discourage other states from following suit. If you are in agreement, you may want to join me in refusing to license our properties to, or permit productions of our work by, theaters and organizations in North Carolina until this heinous legislation is repealed.”


He’s not playing around — nor should he. Good for him!

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However, not everybody is on board with Schwartz’s boycott — and the criticism probably isn’t coming from where you think!

In an email to a local newspaper outlet in the state, Mitchel Sommers — the executive director of the Community Theatre of Greensboro, in North Carolina — had very, very strong words for the composer, even going so far as to call the boycott decision a “theatrical disaster.”

Sommers continued:

“CTG’s bread and butter is its shows, which all must get royalty permission from their owners in order to be produced. If Stephen Schwartz’s ban on N.C. theaters producing his work is mirrored by his other Broadway colleagues, which is inevitable, what are we going to put on?”

That, too, is a strong and important opinion — but it doesn’t look like it has thus far swayed Schwartz, who remains steadfast in his decision to boycott the bigoted state.

Whatever the case, leaders in North Carolina are left looking terrible, again, as their state is made a mockery by the rest of the country that correctly understands how wrong it is to pass anti-LGBT bills in this day and age.

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Even NC’s southern neighbor thought better of it, for goodness’ sake!

And yet here we are, with North Carolina not yet backing down even though the state’s own attorney general hates the anti-LGBT bill.

What do U think??

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

Apr 4, 2016 6:00pm PDT

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