Tisha Campbell-Martin Files For Bankruptcy — Details Inside Her Crushing Debt!

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Tisha Campbell-Martin is in big trouble!

According to E! News, Tisha and her husband Duane Martin have filed for bankruptcy and are nearly $14.5 million dollars in debt. The couple first filed in late January.

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In the pair’s legal docs, they cop to owning $300,000 dollars in personal and real estate property — which includes their $65,000 dollar El Lay house, three cars, and five motorcycles. As for household items, the pair says they own $15,000 dollars in furniture in addition to $1,000 dollars in clothing and $2,500 dollars in jewelry.

Wait. Is Tisha claiming to owning just a grand worth of clothing? It’s a little hard to buy after combing through her Instagram full of designer duds!

While T.C.M. and her husband own a restaurant and production studio, they admit both ventures are no longer turning a profit. It’s an especially sad situation considering the couple are parents to two sons.

To make matters worse, Tisha acknowledges her $8,000 dollars a month in income isn’t able to cover the credit card bills, government debt, unpaid car leases, and unpaid taxes. Hopefully Campbell’s most recent TV venture The Dr. Ken Show will help her to climb out of debt though it’s uncertain if it will be renewed.

We’ll keep you updated on this tricky situation as it progresses!

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 4, 2016 5:07pm PDT

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