Aaron Carter Wants Everyone To Know He’s NOT A Meth Head Or A Crackhead!

Aaron's got some misconceptions to address.

Aaron Carter is setting the record straight.

Back in 2011, the singer made headlines when he checked into rehab. But now, he’s clearing the air about certain drug abuse allegations, telling Entertainment Tonight:

The misconceptions are that I’m a meth head, or I’m a crackhead, or I’m a drug addict, or I’m this or that.”

However, the blonde babe is adamant that he’s “never” been addicted to those kinds of hard drugs.

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But, he does acknowledge why he believes people think he’s hooked on some serious stuff, saying:

“If you look at my parents, they have high cheekbones and [are] very skinny. I don’t want to always feel like I have to prove myself, but people put me in these positions, and that’s fine.”

And while the Fool’s Gold singer may not be a meth addict or a crackhead, he is confessing that he’s not living a lifestyle of total sobriety, dishing:

“I drink wine. I smoke weed. I have anxiety problems, I take medication for anxiety. I mean, it’s just what it is.”

Five years ago, the artist’s stint at the Betty Ford Center was short-lived — he was only at the facility for 31 days — and even though he wasn’t there for very long, the 28-year-old explains that he felt a very strong connection with former famous patient Robert Downey Jr., revealing:

“I probably shouldn’t even say this, but I stayed in the same room that Robert Downey Jr. stayed in, and he became my idol because of Iron Man and what he did with his career. Then I made him my mentor without him even knowing about it.”

At the end of his treatment, the musician says he “graduated” with two thumbs up from the staff, and also admits that he was straight-up with them about his desire to continue smoking marijuana once he got out:

“I said, ‘Hey, I’m gonna smoke weed. I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that.’ They don’t necessarily promote will power. They say give it to a higher power. I like will power and I’m going to live my life the way that I choose. I’m not going to abuse things. It’s just how I’m gonna do my life.”

Hey, as long as you’re safe and healthy, you do you, Aaron!

[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

Apr 5, 2016 7:40pm PDT

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