Donald Trump Thinks He Should ‘Take A Little Credit’ For Bernie Sanders’ Success — Find Out The RIDICULOUS Reason!

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According to Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders owes him a pretty big thank you for his success against Hillary Clinton.

Don’t worry, the explanation makes as much sense as anything else that’s come out of the 69-year-old’s mouth…

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In an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump and his wife Melania Trump said Hillary was thrown off ever since the businessman “really hit her” after she decided to attack the him for being sexist.

The presidential hopeful went on to dish:

“Bernie got all the credit because she went down and all of the sudden he started doing well. You know when I did that two months ago she went right down.”

Donald also said that he has to “take a little credit” because of how well Sanders has been doing both winning primaries and polling in Wisconsin.

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During the interview, Trump went on to suggest that he had a mean little nickname for Clinton that he’s ready to pull out if she wins, but he’s waiting to reveal it until after he locks in the GOP nomination.

As for his strategy against Clinton, Donald said he’s not thinking about it because:

“I don’t even know if she’ll be the nominee yet.”

We doubt Donald’s attack swayed Democratic voters at all, but then again, Donald has his head so far up his rear that we’re really not surprised he’s trying to take credit for something he has NOTHING to do with.

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Apr 5, 2016 10:51am PDT

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