Holly Madison Refuses To Let The ‘Body After Baby’ Lifestyle Get Her Down — See Her Inspiring Words HERE!

holly madison weight loss struggle

Mic drop.

On Tuesday, Holly Madison opened up about her struggles with her body following the birth of first child Rainbow Aurora with husband Pasquale Rotella.

However, now that the twosome are expecting a little boy, the blonde beauty is not looking forward to the race to lose the baby weight following her second kiddo’s birth. Well that’s fair.

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In her blog post for E! News, the Girls Next Door alum explained:

“Women have always been interested in getting back in shape after having a child. But when did this become a race against the clock? When did it become expected that everyone needs to be a bangin’ MILF with ripped abs a month after popping out a baby?”

Look away Hilaria Baldwin! LOLz. She continued:

“When I had my first baby, I was so ready to snap back into shape. I ate healthier than I ever had in my life while I was pregnant. I worked out regularly. I got complements like crazy├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥everyone told me they couldn’t even tell I was pregnant from the back and that except for my belly, it looked like I hadn’t gained a pound… When I came home from the hospital, my stomach hadn’t deflated the way I thought it would. Sure, I knew I would have weight to lose, but I didn’t think I would still look like I had a baby in there! The truth is, for most people, you go into the hospital looking 9 to 10 months pregnant, and walk out looking approximately six months pregnant. The uterus doesn’t snap back overnight.”

In case you forgot, the 36 year old revealed she was pregnant again back in January and appeared to be incredibly excited about her news — despite previous weight loss hardships. The soon-to-be mother of two added:

“It was several weeks before I could even wear the waist cincher I had been so excited about. In the meantime, I did everything else I possibly could to get back in shape quickly… It took me a full 11 months to lose the 30 or so pounds I gained and truly get back to my pre-pregnancy, ‘ideal’ weight. Even after that, I was still left with some changes.”

While Holly might’ve been annoyed (at the time) that she wasn’t losing the weight quickly enough, we’re just happy to learn that she shed the pounds in a HEALTHY way. Hugh Hefner‘s ex noted:

“I felt good about myself, knowing I had worked as hard as I could and done everything possible to stay healthy during my pregnancy and to get back in shape after it. Just as I was giving myself a pat on the back, I saw a blog post about some actress who was back to work, looking as thin as ever, just two weeks after giving birth!

Now, I know this sounds shallow and stupid because it’s about weight, but my heart sank! That feeling of disappointment wasn’t about trying to look hotter than anyone else or even about my looks, really. It was that I felt like I failed somehow. Writing this now, I know that sounds a bit dramatic.”

This scenario doesn’t sound “dramatic” at all, rather we sympathize with how hard it must’ve been for the model to get back to her old self. We mean, you gave birth to a human for goodness sake!

Miz Madison concluded:

“All the body after baby hype isn’t really doing anyone any favors. Feeling pressure to drop the pounds fast isn’t making anyone healthier. I know because I did it the healthy way and it took me almost a year to get back in shape. If you just gave birth and are feeling bad about not losing the weight fast enough (especially compared to all the celebrities in the magazines), you shouldn’t feel that way.”

While Holly isn’t ruling out the “Body after Baby” look, she is refusing to let it dictate how she acts and feels when she eventually gives birth for a second time. Bravo!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Apr 5, 2016 1:21pm PDT

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