DON’T Pressure Parenthood‘s Joy Bryant To Procreate! JUST Don’t!

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Finally, another side to the coin.

While we often hear about mommies in Hollywood gushing over motherhood (Kourtney Kardashian, we’re looking at you!), there are plenty of famous women who would rather opt out of childrearing.

Even though it’s not always the most marketable slant to take, it’s no secret there are ladies who have no desire to Airbnb their wombs.

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One of those women is Joy Bryant, who played a mom on Parenthood. Joy took to Lenny Letter on Tuesday to express her very strong opinions on the subject after receiving comments from fans and loved ones questioning why she hasn’t had kiddos with her husband of eight years David Pope.

The passionate actress expressed her views, writing:

“My womb doesn’t belong to the world. It doesn’t even belong to my husband. It is mine and mine alone,” Bryant wrote. “And my womb should be free to live life as MY nature intended. And if that doesn’t include a child, that’s OK, because I’ve got plenty of love to give, and plenty of plans to help make the world a better place through something other than my offspring.”

Fair point! Joy’s womb should be her own business!

J.B. went on to add:

Motherhood, in all its beautiful significance, is a job I do not want. It doesn’t matter how great my r├â┬⌐sum├â┬⌐ is or how many glowing recommendations I receive. I don’t need to be a mother in order to be fulfilled in my life. I am choosing to put my life energies into pursuing all that my heart desires: designing clothes, writing, traveling, developing projects to produce. Choice. Isn’t that what we’re fighting for? Having the choice, the freedom to decide how we want to live our lives?

It’s nice to hear Joy commending all the mommas out there while also standing firm in her convictions. It’s more than possible to champion your own cause while also remaining respectful to others!

At the end of the beauty’s poignant message, she simply stated:

“To each her own.”

True that! Do whatever makes YOU happy, ladies!

So, what do YOU think of Joy’s essay?

Apr 5, 2016 5:53pm PDT

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