Teen Mom 2 Star Kailyn Lowry Gets Dreads & Naturally People Have A Lot Of FEELINGS About It!

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Man, these Teen Mom 2 stars really know how to drum up the controversy!

On Monday, Kailyn Lowry debuted a very inneresting hairstyle… dreads! The new look is a big departure from Kail’s free and long blonde hair.

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While Lowry left the caption of her surprising pic blank, her fans and haters had no problem filling in the message for us. The situation is even more entertaining considering Ms. Lowry once told her baby daddy Jo Rivera that he shouldn’t cut their son’s hair in a style not meant for “little white boys”.

Yeah… that was an awkward moment.

Check out some intense fan reactions to K.L.’s new do (below)!

“Wow it’s nice that all of you have so much to say about her if you don’t like her then unfollow her , I agree it doesn’t look good but it’s her hair she could be out there having sex with all kinds of men and doing drugs , but she’s a great mom and goes to school and takes good care of her kids . You guys need to get over yourselves just cause they are on a TV show doesn’t mean they are real ppl.

Uhhhhhm no ✋🏽 just stop lol.


Dreads are a form of spirituality for many different religions. From Christianity to Hinduism. The first example of this hair style dates back to ancient Egyptian times, over 5,000+ years ago. Its usually worn as a symbol by one who is willing to become closer to God(s) or whatever higher power or faith that person has or believes in. They are in no way rasicts or have anything to do with the color of ones skin.”

Wow! These dreads have stirred up quite the debate!

In an interesting turn of events, a few fans brought up a curious theory suggesting the dreads are FAKE and actually for a school project:

“It’s seriously just hair. And if any of you follow her on snapchat, you would know she has a group project for school. And if she’s so racist, how does she have mixed kids and a lot of her friends are African American. Peoples so worried about what other people do. LET THEM BE THEM AND YOU BE YOU.”

People can be soo mean, definitely the downside of social media. No you dumbasses those are not real dreads. They are faux dreadlocks, look it the hell up. It won’t damage her hair.”

Hmm… could this transformation really be for college or is this just Lowry freaking out in response to Jo’s engagement news? We guess we’ll have to wait and see!

So, what do YOU think about this look?

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 5, 2016 12:48pm PDT

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