MTV Star Tony Raines Avoided Being Busted For A DUI & Then An Hour Later Was Arrested For Doing THIS!

real world star arrested

Uh oh!

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Real World: Skeletons star Tony Raines was arrested for public intoxication after partying it up in Charleston, South Carolina. Yikes!

It’s said that witnesses dished to the cops that the MTV celeb recklessly drove his truck into the parking lot of his motel back on Wednesday evening — where he almost hit a pedestrian AND ended up backing his truck up into a parked moped. Talk about a face palm moment!

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While the cops were called on Tony, he wasn’t booked since the owner of the moped was not present to make a complaint against the reality TV personality. Rather, Mr. Raines just simply spoke with a police officer and that was that.

Despite the fact that he had JUST avoided being booked for a DUI, Tony decided to head to Burger King one hour later — where he almost hit ANOTHER vehicle in the restaurant’s parking lot. Say it ain’t so.

The cops were once again called and when they arrived they found him sitting in his truck drinking a Budweiser. Obviously, the police didn’t let him get away scot-free this time around.

Reportedly, Raines was charged for drinking in public and his precious truck was towed too. Shockingly, since his vehicle was technically in park at the time of the booking, he once again avoided a DUI charge. WOW!

Tony’s manager has since noted that the scandalized star thought he was allowed to have an open container in his car like back in his hometown of Baton Rouge. Oof!

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Apr 5, 2016 8:08am PDT

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