Father Charged With Child Abuse After Allegedly Leaving Baby Daughter In A Hot Car While He Went To A Strip Club!

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Talk about awful parenting!

A young father in California showed some pretty poor judgement when it came to taking care of his daughter as he left his little one locked in his car — while he got a lap dance at a strip club!

Earlier this week, Auwin Dargin was charged with one count of child abuse after he allegedly left his nine-month-old baby daughter locked inside a car outside of Synn Gentlemen’s Club in North Hills back on March 9.

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Assistant manager Matthew Nadeau discovered the baby after he and a waitress noticed Auwin leaving the club every 15 minutes or so and then returning.

When a suspicious Nadeau went to the parking lot to investigate around 2 p.m. he was shocked at what he found! Matthew recalled:

“We hear crying and then we saw a baby in the car.”

It was at this point the assistant manager got his cousin to help him unlock the car and rescue the baby. After they pulled the child from the vehicle, a waitress got the child a cup of water as she was warm and visibly upset.

Nadeau then let his manager know about the situation at which point he went over to Dargin, stopped the lap dance he was receiving, and confronted him about the child.

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The neglectful father was reportedly pretty mad that his lap dance had been stopped and left the club saying:

“Just give me my baby and I know I am messing up.”

Thankfully, the employees held onto the girl and called police instead.

After getting in an argument Nadeau told the 24-year-old father:

“I have daughters — over my dead body am I going to let you take this baby today.”

After a little spat, Dargin tried to run away before running into authorities who arrived on the scene.

When the disgusting dad had his arraignment on Monday, he plead not guilty. However, he could still serve six years in state prison if he’s convicted! Auwin is scheduled to appear in court again in May when hopefully justice will be served.

What do you think of this awful father’s act?!

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Apr 6, 2016 1:55pm PDT

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