The Kardashian/Jenners Reportedly Don’t Take Rob’s Engagement To Blac Chyna Seriously & Here Is Why…

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While the Kardashian/Jenners may be “offended” that Rob Kardashian didn’t give them a heads up about getting engaged to Blac Chyna, they’re apparently not letting it stress them out as they aren’t taking the proposal seriously. Ouch!

According to sources, the KUWTK family isn’t fixating on this relationship status update since they’ve heard the sock mogul proclaim his undying love to his different former flames in the past. Now that’s shade.

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Some insiders have relayed to TMZ that R.K. used to gush about his exes Adrienne Bailon and Rita Ora and even reportedly proposed to them too. WHAT?

Of course, this is news to us, but allegedly Rob conveyed to Kris Jenner & co. back in the day that he had proposed to BOTH of his exes. Hmm, we’re not sure about this bit gossip!

We mean, if the Kardashian male heir had previously gotten engaged we feel like SOMEONE would’ve heard about it. Not to mention, Rob went above and beyond for his proposal for Blac.

It’s said that the 29 year old covered the room where he popped the question with rose petals and candles. Aww!

The video vixen, with her mom in tow, responded to Rob’s proposal by saying:

“Of course, baby! You know I love you!”

See, being subtle isn’t Mr. Kardashian’s strong suit. LOLz!

While we may agree with the Momager and her other kiddos that Rob has a tendency to jump into his relationships at warp speed, we’re just happy to see that the reclusive reality TV star is happy. Unfortunately, it’s rumored that Rob isn’t happy that his family hasn’t fully accepted his new relationship.

Can’t they all just get along??

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Apr 6, 2016 7:24am PDT

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