Prince William Is A TOTAL Show Dad As He Humblebrags About His Infant Daughter Princess Charlotte’s Soccer Skills!

princess charlotte soccer star

A princess with killer soccer skills sounds like the plot to a Disney Channel movie, right?

Well, it looks like it’s Princess Charlotte‘s reality as her father Prince William gushed to former soccer (AKA football) star Paul Elliott about her skills while at a luncheon at Wembley Stadium in London for his tenure as the president of the Football Association.

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Kate Middleton‘s husband explained:

“She’s a very good footballer. You hold her hand and she kicks it. Very sweet.”

Aww! Too cute.

Not to mention, the heir to the British throne also dished that his time as president of the organization has “gone by in a flash”. Despite the fact he is the head of the FA, it appears as though William has a favorite team as he added:

“I’m dying for Leicester to win. It will be good for the game.”

If you say so! We’re not entirely sure how much free time the 33-year-old actually has to watch sports as he’s busy working, making public appearances, AND raising two hyperactive kids.

We mean, while little Charlotte is bending it like David Beckham, her big brother Prince George is working on his Formula One racing career. Previously, the Duchess of Cambridge noted that the infant prince was obsessed with whizzing around “super fast” on his scooter.

The young royals may only be children but they are certainly promising.

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Apr 6, 2016 2:37pm PDT

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