Even The Walking Dead Actors Don’t Know Who Died!

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How can the audience trust you when the actors aren’t even in the loop?!

The Walking Dead is currently doing damage control after their season finale universally failed to impress the millions of fans who tune in every week.

We’ve already heard from executive producer Scott Gimple, who kinda guilt tripped the fanbase for not being loyal; now some of the actors are sharing their side of the story!

Video: TWD Fan Thinks He Knows Who Died Thanks To Slowed-Down Audio

As you may have already seen, Carl (Chandler Riggs) was the first character to break his silence after the episode aired, saying:

Well, now even some more actors who were in the scene with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) are echoing Chandler’s claims.

Savior second-in-command Steven Ogg spoke to TMZ on Wednesday confirming that the victim’s identity is currently unknown to the cast, saying:

“I absolutely have zero idea, honestly… Literally, I don’t know — It was like, ‘we’re wrapped, bye.’

I would imagine anything could happen. Anything.”

But do you trust the actors at this point..?

Who do U think is going to die in the Season 7 premiere this October??

[Image via AMC.]

Apr 6, 2016 3:17pm PDT

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