This Might Be The Most INSANE & Bizarre Car Chase In Los Angeles Ever! Watch!

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Wait, what just happened?

On Thursday afternoon, the city of Los Angeles was gripped by a wacky and never ending car chase involving two burglary suspects. To give some perspective, the whole ordeal lasted for about an hour and took place throughout multiple neighborhoods in El Lay. We thought this show down would NEVER end!

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Here’s what went down — according to cops, the two suspects fled a scene of a Cerritos robbery in a blue Mustang and repeatedly taunted other drivers and cops as they made their getaway. From purposely fishtailing on wet streets (yeah, we finally got some rain!), to doing donuts in the middle of the highway, viewers of the chase were simply stunned by the suspects’ outlandish behavior!

Oh, and a TMZ tour bus somehow got involved… you just can’t make this stuff up!

Check out some of the crazy moments (below)!

Ha! This is all too much!

To make the situation even more insane, the chase ended when the two suspects pulled over in their presumed neighborhood and took SELFIES with their adoring crowd of supporters. We even spotted a few people giving the reckless pair high-fives!

When the police FINALLY arrived, the duo gave in without a fight. It was obvious the two knew the jig was up.

All jokes aside, we’re just glad no one was hurt during this ordeal. Stay safe out there, El Lay!

[Image via NBC Los Angeles.]

Apr 7, 2016 7:46pm PDT

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