School Police Officer Under Investigation For Slamming 12-Year-Old Girl On Her Face, Knocking Her Unconscious! See The Shocking Video!

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Yeah… this guy needs to get fired.

6th grader Janissa Valdez is currently recovering after an altercation with a school police officer in San Antonio, TX last week left her face bloodied and bruised.

And by “altercation,” we mean this 33-year-old man literally picked the 12-year-old up and slammed her onto the ground face-first, knocking her unconscious!

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Apparently, the child was about to get involved in a fight with another student at Rhodes Middle School when officer Joshua Kehm decided to break the two apart by restraining Janissa.

But when she struggled, his first reaction was to pick her up and throw her onto the ground before handcuffing her… but luckily her friends were smart enough to capture the entire incident on video, which finally surfaced on Tuesday.

What makes this even scarier is that not only can you hear Janissa’s head hit the brick floor, but she was knocked out so badly that her leg froze in an upward position due to a loss of motor control!

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Josh had only been with the San Antonio Independent School District for a year, and he’s now being investigated for his inappropriate use of excessive force, while Janissa was given two days suspension for her part in the whole getting-knocked-out-by-an-adult-male thing… so clearly the administration has this covered.

Ch-ch-check out the disturbing video — if you can stomach it (below)!!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 7, 2016 5:53pm PDT

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