Teresa Giudice Is Her Husband’s Rock During His Time Behind Bars!

Find out how Teresa and Joe are holding up!

These two really are together through the good times and the bad!

Teresa Giudice is totally following through with those wedding vows! After all, she and her husband, Joe, have been through quite a lot lately.

Last year, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star spent just under twelve months behind bars for bankruptcy fraud, and not long after she was finally released, her longtime love began serving his own sentence.

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And even though he recently got five months knocked off his 41-month punishment, “Juicy Joe” will still be locked up much longer than the Bravolebrity was.

But, the gorgeous gal is being SUPER supportive of her main man during this tough time!

On Wednesday, the famous family’s attorney, James J. Leonard, told E! News about how Teresa is providing her other half with a shoulder to lean on, saying:

“She’s a rock for him, as he was a rock for her.”

Awwwww! SO sweet!

The lawyer also added that the lovely lady has been offering up advice to her husband, since she was recently in his shoes, revealing:

“They’re very supportive of one another. They’re a very unique pair and because she’s gone through that experience, she’s able to help him anticipate what he’s going to go through.”

Now, it hasn’t been easy for this famous family to be split up yet again, but James explains that they’re making it work, admitting:

“They’re a very strong family and they’re holding together the best they can.”

Well, hopefully knowing that Teresa’s there for him will make these next 36 months fly by for Joe!

[Image via Teresa Giudice/Instagram.]

Apr 7, 2016 6:55pm PDT

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