Ashton Kutcher’s Sister Was In The Walking Dead Season Finale! Wait, Are Fans Being Punk’d??

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We may not know who died during the cliffhanger season finale of The Walking Dead, but at least now we know who was ALREADY dead.

And sadly for Ashton Kutcher, it was his sister.

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According to Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara on TWD, Tausha Kutcher got a walk-on role on the show thanks to a family connection — actually two!

Alanna’s brother is Danny Masterson, Hyde from That 70s Show, who was filming his Netflix show The Ranch with Ashton when the fams came to visit.

The zombie apocalypse survivor explained to E! News:

“Ashton and my brother are on a new show together…so I was there and [Tausha] is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. They all are. I mean, Mila Kunis and Ashton, they all are. And she asked if she could be a walker and I said, ‘Sure!'”

Wait, Ashton is a huge fan? Was this cliffhanger thing his idea??

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Actually, he and Mila were with most of the fans on this one. Alanna revealed they were:

“Pissed. Pissed. Pissed! Ashton and Mila sit me down and then they try and grill me…they try and find out, ‘So what does this mean?’ And of course I don’t say anything!”

So which zombie is Tausha anyway?

We’re not totally sure as they wear SO much makeup. Maybe this one that Carol (Melissa McBride) killed??

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Did YOU spot Tausha on the show??

[Image via ABC/AMC.]

Apr 7, 2016 5:28pm PDT

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