Troubled Harry Potter Alum Devon Murray Sued By Ex-Agent For 324K In Unpaid Commission Fees — Find Out The Scandalous Way He Spent His Fortune Instead!

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UPDATE 1:24 PM EST: It’s since been confirmed that the High Court ruled in favor against Devon but has ordered that the sum requested in the lawsuit be decreased by nine percent. Nonetheless, the HP vet will have to pay his ex agent the desired commission as well as costs. Oof!

On the gossip that he spent his fortune on frivolous things, Murray noted:

“There was an awful lot of things I put money into. I bought a lot of horses at the time├óΓé¼┬ª I bought property and the a**e fell out of that. It wasn’t all just women, cars and drink. It wasn’t all that.”

Perhaps J.K. Rowling could write his character Seamus a spin-off movie? Just sayin‘.

Sometimes it’s not good to have fortune and fame so young!

According to court docs, Harry Potter alum Devon Murray has had a rocky road of partying and essentially blowing his fortune after the beloved franchise ended in 2011. Devon played the character of Seamus Finnigan for ten years, which is a long time considering he’s just 27-years-old.

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The sad revelations came forth after the actor’s former agent Neil Brooks sued the star for skipping out on his commission fees. Neil represented Mr. Murray from 1998 to 2004. The Murray family eventually fired Mr. Brooks after a photograph of Devon smoking on set of The Goblet Of Fire surfaced in 2004 — the pic was widely circulated in the press and received a lot of criticism. Due to the intense scrutiny Dev underwent, the family felt Neil failed his client and he was ultimately let go.

Cut to 2016 and N.B. wants money he feels is still owed to him — a whopping bill of $324,000.00.

While Devon countered sued his ex-agent for the same amount in fees, he won’t be able to pay his own fine if he loses due to his bad boy lifestyle. According to the celeb’s momma, he blew his $1,000,000.00 fortune on girls, booze, and cars.

In court Murray’s mom told the presiding judge:

“He was a teenage boy. He went drinking. He went out with girls. He bought cars. I only have one child. I wasn’t going to give out to him over that.”

Yikes. We guess it’s hard to blame D.M. if he had no proper guidance during this time. It’s a difficult situation!

Sadly, it would appear Devon has yet to give up his lifestyle despite nearing thirty:


To make matters worse, the former child star is using is income of $1,000.00 a month on his vices, which is not a lot to live on when you don’t have any other work. Not to mention Dev’s family just lost their house in addition to other financial struggles.

Unfortunately, it looks like the judge on the case was equally unsympathetic to the actor’s cause because he JUST ruled in favor of Neil:

What a bummer for Devon. Hopefully this ordeal teaches him to spend his money more wisely.

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Apr 8, 2016 12:29pm PDT

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