Girl Power! As The Boss Hits Theaters, Melissa McCarthy Thinks She Makes A Pretty Good One!

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Ok, so Melissa McCarthy is a BAWSE!

But would she be a good boss? Her new film The Boss hit theaters this weekend, and the funny woman took to discussing whether or not she’d make a good boss in real life — and how she manages people around her for her career!

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The former Gilmore Girls actress spoke to PEOPLE about bossin’ up, telling them about how inspired she gets over powerful women… and how she approaches that tricky double standard:

“I love that kind of woman. The whole thing of if a man does that, they’re a genius, but if a woman does it, it’s like, ‘What a b*tch’ … there’s something really amazing to that kind of energy.”

Of course, McCarthy has been a boss before — she has a few executive producer credits to her name — and so she opined on what it’s like to run things in the real world, too:

“I hope I’m a good boss. I think I’m a really collaborative boss. I don’t believe in my way or the highway; it’s not how we make movies. If I hire someone, I hire you because I want your ideas. I want to know what you’re thinking and I want to hear your opinion … I’m not that fragile. I want input.”


Her one pet peeve as a boss, though?

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Well… it’s probably the same as a lot of you:

“That makes me crazy. I am never late. I would fire you on the spot. Any time someone’s late, they’re also the person who, for the first 20 minutes they show up, they’re like ‘Oh my God, I haven’t even had coffee.’ Not only are you a half-hour late, but now the first half-hour is you spitting out about being late. There’s a thing called an alarm clock, guys. If you can’t be on time, I doubt I’d really trust you with bigger things.”


What do U think? Do U think Melissa would make a good boss?!

Have U seen The Boss in theaters yet this weekend?!

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Apr 10, 2016 2:58pm PDT

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