Donald Trump’s Own Kids Won’t Be Voting For Him! Find Out Why!

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Well this is embarrassing!!

Donald Trump may cruise to a victory in New York’s Republican primary next Tuesday, but it will have to be without at least two votes he should have gotten, because son Eric and daughter Ivanka will NOT be voting for him!

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The Donald’s kids, who would’ve loved to have supporter their father, we’re sure, didn’t register to vote in time for the election. Oops!!!

In a segment on FOX News Monday morning, the real estate mogul revealed his two children would have had to have registered last year in order to vote in the closed primary next Tuesday, saying:

“[Eric and Ivanka] were, you know, unaware of the rules, and they didn’t, they didn’t register in time. So they feel very, very guilty … They feel very guilty. But it’s fine. I understand that. I think they have to register a year in advance and they didn’t. So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting.”

OMG! The Donald’s kids just never bothered to register??

But wait…

Trump says they needed to ‘register a year in advance,’ and according to ABC, that’s kind of true — but it leaves out a very important fact!

The registration deadline for voters to switch parties before this primary was last year — October 9, 2015, to be exact — but the deadline for new voters who were previously unaffiliated was just a couple weeks ago, on March 25.

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So did Donald just let slip that his kids were… registered Democrats?!

While he’s running the most ridiculous right wing campaign of all time??


At the end of the day, it probably won’t matter too much — Trump is still expected to dominate in New York, even without the votes of his heirs.

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Apr 11, 2016 11:28am PDT

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