Five Things We Know About The Gilmore Girls Revival From The First Photos! Look!

You need to see these photos!

While we can’t WAIT to finally return to Stars Hollow, these new photos are making the anticipation a little bit more bearable!

On Monday, Netflix not only announced that the Gilmore Girls revival will “launch later this year,” but the streaming service also released the first photos from the four-part reboot!

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The TV and movie giant shared snaps from the show’s upcoming 90-minute installments, and it’s giving us the teeniest glimpse of what we can expect from our Girls Lorelei (Lauren Graham), Rory, (Alexis Bledel) and even Emily (Kelly Bishop)!

So, here are a few things we can figure about the series’ story from these fabulous photos:

1. Luke and Lorelei are DEFINITELY together!

You need to see these photos!

When Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelei FINALLY kissed in the season 7 finale, viewers just had to assume that these two lived happily ever after once the show ended.

But now we KNOW they did!

2. Rory is a teacher now!

You need to see these photos!

Considering the revival is supposed to take place in current times — AKA eight years after the series went off the air — we aren’t surprised to see that Rory’s got her professional life figured out by this point.

And since she’s standing at the front of a classroom with a chalkboard that says “Motifs of Jane Eyre,” it’s safe to say that the gorgeous gal is now an English teacher!

But before you go about making a “those who can’t” joke, just remember there is nothing that Rory Gilmore can’t do.

3. Emily is still wearing a ring on THAT finger!

You need to see these photos!

In light of Edward Herrmann‘s sad passing over a year ago, we figured that his character Richard either suffered the same fate in the upcoming reboot, or was written off by ways of divorcing Emily.

Either way, we couldn’t help but notice Rory’s grandmother is still wearing a ring on THAT finger. However, we aren’t convinced that it’s her wedding ring, which leaves us wondering what happened!?!

4. Stars Hollow — and Lorelei’s style — is still as quirky as ever!

You need to see these photos!

Over the course of seven seasons on television, Stars Hollow was beloved by the viewers — and the characters — for its interesting events and sometimes strange traditions.

Well, it doesn’t seem like that’s really changed, since they’re holding auditions for Stars Hollow The Musical! We can only imagine what that production will be like!

5. Town Meetings are still a thing!

You need to see these photos!

Well, this is a relief, considering some of the quirkiest quips and strangest stories were shared at Taylor Doose’s town meetings!

And from the looks of this photo, residents either seem confused or disgusted — or both — by whatever’s going on at the front of the room! So, naturally we can’t wait to see how this unfolds!

Be sure to ch-ch-check out ALL the Gilmore Girls revival photos in the gallery (above)!

But, Perezcious readers, while we learned quite a bit about what to expect from the reboot, we couldn’t help but notice there were a few strapping young men missing from these precious pics!

Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki, and Matt Czuchry — AKA Rory’s former flames Jess, Dean, and Logan — weren’t in ANY of those shots!

We KNOW that all three of these hotties will be reprising their roles, but it looks like Netflix really doesn’t want to give anything away about Rory’s love life.

We guess we can’t really blame them. After all, it is one of the most compelling storylines of the show!

[Images via Netflix.]

Apr 11, 2016 9:42pm PDT

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