Samuel L. Jackson Demolishes Random Guy On Twitter After Being Called Out For Snakes On A Plane!

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This is such a sick burn… but so brutal!

Some poor guy named Jeff Harris — with all of 46 Twitter followers to his name — got on actor Samuel L. Jackson‘s bad side on Sunday afternoon, and the result wasn’t pretty!

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Harris had tweeted to Jackson about how Snakes On A Plane was a poor movie choice for the legendary, talented actor — and it set the thespian off BIG time!!!

Ch-ch-check out Harris’ tweet that started things off (below):

OK, so, not very nice… but Harris also doesn’t even have 50 followers. Surely Jackson wouldn’t even see it, let alone respond, right?!

Wrong!!! Samuel L. not only responded, he took a minute to research the guy to make sure he got in as sick a burn as possible!

Say goodnight, Jeff (below):


The actor didn’t only scroll back a year to Harris’ tweet, he also called the poor man out over a caption contest! LOLz!!!

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Predictably, the response blew up on the social network — here are just a few of the reactions from others shocked to see Samuel L. going IN (below):


Completely owned!!!

Apr 11, 2016 9:20am PDT

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