Bethenny Frankel Recalls The Awkward Moment Donald Trump Witnessed Her Walk Of Shame!

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Wow… we can’t even with this one!

While Bethenny Frankel has a very colorful life and plenty of hilarious moments on her resume, this one TRUMPS it all. Seriously, we’re still recovering from this hysterical and uncomfortable tale!

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According to Bethenny, she had a recent encounter with presidential hopeful Donald Trump… while making her escape from a ONE NIGHT STAND. Talk about awkward!

Not only was she sporting a less than put together look, but the run-in occurred in the lobby of Donald’s famous Trump Towers:

“I walk into the lobby and I walk straight into Donald Trump.”

Dayyyyummm. Well, that’s… yeah.

Despite the embarrassing nature of the moment, D.T. seemed quite impressed with Frankel, telling his secret service agents:

“She’s the one you really want to pay attention to.”

Ha! We have a feeling B.T.’s Real Housewives of New York costars might agree!

Elaborating on her awkward memory, Bethenny recalled:

“He gave me a hug, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I probably have the worst Skinny Girl alcohol breath’. It was the walk of shame! I might have done the walk of shame with the future president.”

Love that Skinny Girl plug, Ms. Frankel! You’re one true hustler!

As for your uncomfortable moment with Donald… they say time heals all wounds.

Apr 12, 2016 7:41pm PDT

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