ANOTHER Fight Broke Out At A Donald Trump Campaign Rally Monday Night!

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As classy as the guy they support!

Donald Trump is maybe not the best guy in the world, to put it very mildly, and yet his supporters are pushing hard to make others see that they are in fact worse than their own candidate!

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On Monday night, that was proven once again, when a Trump supporter at the candidate’s event in upstate New York got into a scuffle with a protestor, striking the anti-Trump man with his hand several times.

Ch-ch-check out another classless incident (below):


Obviously the man doing the pushing and being the aggressor is the one at fault — at least cooler heads prevailed and this situation fortunately didn’t escalate.

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Oh, Donald.

When will you finally admit what it is you and your supporters are doing, and how you’ve added a dangerous, ridiculous side show to the American race for president?!

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

Apr 12, 2016 10:15am PST

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