Here’s How Dora The Explorer & A Vape Pen Just Ruined One Kid’s Academic Career!

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This story sounds like a total Gossip Girl parody… but it’s not.

According to a lawsuit picked up by Page Six, two rich and influential parents are extremely PISSED off at a New York City prep school for a kinda hilarious reason.

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In the insane suit filed by Nadia Leonelli and Fredrik Sundwall, they claim the prestigious institution Avenues: The World School (which they also alleged to have helped found), unjustly expelled their daughter for smoking a vape pen with fellow classmate and actress Fátima Ptacek.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar, her voice might.

Since 2012, Ptacek has lent her voice to Nickelodeon’s beloved Dora The Explorer while taking on other notable acting roles and commercial work.

As for why Nadia and Fredrik are so angry, they allege F├â┬ítima’s punishment of three days suspension was unfair in comparison to their daughter’s expulsion. The couple also argue their kiddo was “peer pressured” by Ptacek’s older age and celeb status, which are irresistible qualities to an impressionable ninth grader.

The legal docs goes on to claim:

“M.S. was reluctant to try but gave in to peer pressure, wanting to appear ├óΓé¼╦£cool’ in front of F.P. because she is older than M.S. and is a celebrity, being the actress who does the voice of Dora the Explorer on television and having a movie nominated for the Oscars.”

Uh… we didn’t know Dora The Explorer was so alluring amongst the prep school circuit. Who needs sex, drugs, and alcohol when you can vape with the voice of a cartoon character revered by kindergarteners?

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Whether you believe Leonelli and Sundwall’s version or not, they remain committed to clearing their daughter’s name and they expect to receive a full $40k refund in tuition money.

That’s a lot of swiping!

As for F├â┬ítima, she continues to remain silent on the issue. We can’t say we’re too surprised since the actress consistently makes note of her aspirations to attend Harvard University some day, a dream that doesn’t mesh well with vaping in a high school bathroom.

So, whose side are YOU on?

[Image via Instagram/Nickelodeon.]

Apr 12, 2016 6:24pm PDT

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