Hold Up! The Gilmore Girls Reboot Is Being Threatened By A Lawsuit From A Producer Of The Original Show!

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Not so fast, Gilmore Girls!

Even though the show’s Netflix reboot has, well, everyone excited, there is one person who is NOT feeling the nostalgia… and he doesn’t want the show to air without getting paid!!!

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Gavin Polone, who was a producer on the original series, filed a lawsuit on Friday against Warner Brothers Television for breach of contract, and the producer is seeking nearly $200,000 in damages!

The crux of the complaint centers around language Polone apparently had in his contract way back when he helped develop the original show in 1999.

As an executive producer at that time, his contract was clear that he was to be paid $32,500 for each episode produced after 2003, as well as a percentage of the money the show made in total.

Now, Polone wants to get paid — because, hey, the show is coming back and it’s after 2003.

Only Warner Bros. said nah, bro, and claimed that the revival is a set of “derivative works based on the television series Gilmore Girls,” and not actually, uh, a continuation of the show.

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Also, Warner Bros. says they don’t consider the reboot to be television, anyways, since it’s being produced for Netflix, which is far from a television network itself.

This shouldn’t affect the status of the reboot, but we’ll see if Polone defeats the corporate interests.

Tough call — is Polone right, or are you on Warner Bros.’ side?!

Apr 12, 2016 7:35am PST

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