Tennessee Senate Passes Anti-LGBT Counseling Bill

We wish we were kidding.

First North Carolina, then Mississippi, and now this?!

We seriously don’t understand what is going on in our country right now! On Monday, the Tennessee Senate passed a bill that could make it very difficult for LGBT individuals to receive mental health treatment.

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For some reason, a slew of southern states have decided to recently pass discriminatory bills that target the rights of the LGBT community.

And now, the Volunteer State is following suit.

Legislators passed a bill that allows mental health experts like counselors and therapists can turn away patients that violate their “sincerely held principles,” whatever the f*ck that’s supposed to mean!

In fact, opponents are so concerned about the proposition’s vague wording that they’re worried it could also allow discrimination against people of color.

Democratic Senator Jeff Yarbo said:

“There’s no litigation on what those ‘principles’ are.”

Now, it’s up to Governor Bill Haslam to decide whether or not this bill becomes a full-blown law.

If the Republican does sign off on the papers, Tennessee will be the ONLY state with a law like this, violating the Amercian Counseling Association‘s code of ethics.

What are UR thoughts on this bill, Perezcious readers?

Apr 12, 2016 7:53pm PDT

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