‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couched Finally Sentenced To Prison! Find Out How Long He’ll Be Behind Bars!

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Ethan Couch‘s luck has finally run out!

On Wednesday, a judge sentenced the 19-year-old to two years in prison — a mere 180 days for each of the four people he killed in a fatal drunk driving crash in 2013.

Even though his blood-alcohol level was three time above the legal limit at the time of the accident, Couch was originally sentenced to probation.

His attorneys argued that his affluent life caused his reckless behavior — coining the term “affluenza.”

But apparently, the affluenza only got worse. Couch violated his probation when he was recorded at a party with alcohol. After the video went public, Ethan and his mother Tonya Couch fled to Mexico.

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He was later captured and brought back to the U.S. in January — but this time around, the Texas teen was no longer considered a juvenile. Appearing in adult court, Couch was sentenced to a total of 720 days in prison.

Judge Wayne Salvant determined that once the reckless adult was released, he would not be able to consume alcohol or leave Tarrant County without permission.

On Monday, he spent his 19th birthday in a Texas jail cell.

We’re thrilled that some justice was finally served, and we hope this sentence provides a modicum of comfort to the families who lost loved ones in the fatal crash.

[Image via ABC News.]

Apr 13, 2016 3:53pm PDT

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