Jill & Jessa: Counting On Scares Away TWO MORE Advertisers — But Is It Over Controversy… Or RATINGS??

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The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away…

It should come as no surprise that we’re not the biggest fans of The Duggar family’s beliefs.

With that said, Jill & Jessa: Counting On has been exponentially more tolerable than when the fam had 19 Kids & Counting… but for some reason it’s not connecting with the audience.

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Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald‘s ratings have already fallen 30 percent since the docuseries premiered on March 15, and they’re continuing to lose advertisers because of it!

In addition to companies like Cici’s Pizza, Silk, UPS, and Verizon, now both TurboTax and Dole have now joined the list of brands that have pulled their commercials from airing during the TLC timeslot.

On Wednesday, the tax prep software claimed they didn’t know exactly when their ads would be seen prior to the April 5 episode, while the fruit corp. decided to “not run advertising on shows with content that might be offensive to [their] consumers.”

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While we’re glad these companies are not supporting a child molester… we can’t help but feel like this may be a ploy for TurboTax to stay relevant past April 15’s tax deadline! LOLz!!!

Plus, it’s fitting that as soon as The Duggars actually started to become less of a sideshow that America would stop watching.

Do U think Jill and Jessa deserve to be losing sponsors??

[Image via TLC.]

Apr 13, 2016 6:27pm PDT

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