Finding Inky?! Octopus Escapes From Aquarium Tank And Finds A Way Back To The Ocean — Read The Cray Story!

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Inky the octopus apparently wasn’t feeling the tank life at New Zealand’s National Aquarium.

So, the sneaky cephalopod did what anyone else would do being held captive against their will — plotted an escape!

Just like the tank gang in Finding Nemo, the “inquisitive” marine animal waited for the perfect opportunity to slither his way to freedom.

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Inky slipped through a gap left by maintenance workers at the top of his tank, and made his way across the floor to a six-inch-wide drain.

He squeezed through the seawater runoff pipe that led him to Hawke’s Bay, where the vast Pacific Ocean awaited him!

The octopus was long gone by the time the aquarium staff noticed he went missing. But due to the suction cup prints that made a path of his escape route, the mystery was quickly solved.

Aquarium manager Rob Yarrall told reporters that since they have no bones, octopi are malleable and can squeeze into tiny cracks.

And apparently, Inky was “wiser” than the staff thought. He explained:

“Octopus are very intelligent, very inquisitive and like to push the boundaries. This particular one was very friendly and intelligent and obviously found a weak spot in the top of his tank.”

Though the aquarium redemption occurred three months ago, it only became public on Tuesday.

Which means Inky has long since returned to his natural habitat — where we assume he has reunited with his estranged father who’s been swimming the ocean to find him.

[Image via National Aquarium of New Zealand.]

Apr 13, 2016 6:08pm PDT

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