Security Footage CONFIRMS M├â┬╢tley Cr├â┬╝e’s Vince Neil Assaulted A Female Fan Before Nicolas Cage Altercation!

vince neil assault footage

It looks like Vince Neil may not be out of the woods just yet in regards to his battery citation in Las Vegas.

As you may know, the Mötley Crüe vocalist got into a highly publicized physical altercation with Nicolas Cage after the rocker allegedly assaulted a woman. Yikes!

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It’s said that the Girls, Girls, Girls singer got behind a fan, grabbed her hair, and pulled her down to the ground after she attempted to ask for an autograph from the National Treasure actor. Unfortunately, according to the police, security cameras captured the entire scenario and things aren’t looking too good for Vince.


However, Neil claims that he only “pushed passed” the female fan while at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas last week. Still, according the cops’ report, the surveillance footage shows the 55 year old grabbing the victim by the hair and pulling her down. How awful!

To make matters worse, the autograph seeker noted that she was simply saying “Nicolas, I love you” before heading towards Cage in an attempt to meet him. Poor thing.

In the security feed, the woman is also seen taking pics with the comedian Carrot Top before the unfortunate incident went down.

While Vince has vehemently stated that the scenario never got physical, the shocked victim defends that the run in resulted in a sore neck and pain in her lower back and hip. We have a feeling this about to turn into quite a messy legal battle!

Not to mention, the fight captured on camera was basically Mr. Cage attempting to calm Vince down from fighting with another individual. Dramaaaa!

We’re just grateful that Nic was there to act as the peacekeeper so that the situation didn’t get out of hand any further.

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Apr 13, 2016 9:19am PDT

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