Connie Britton Says She Won’t Feel Comfortable Filming Nashville After Tennessee’s New ‘Un-American’ Anti-LGBT Laws!

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You’re preaching to the choir!

If it feel like every single Southern state is currently trying to get away with passing discriminatory Religious Freedom bills… it’s probably because it’s actually happening.

Luckily, most of Hollywood is standing up for the LGBT community in its time of need — and you can add one more A-Lister to that list!

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Nashville star Connie Britton is the latest celeb to speak her mind about the bigotry taking place down South, this time about Tennessee’s new set of anti-gay legislation.

In fact, Connie sat down with The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday to discuss the state’s “un-American” new laws, saying:

“I shoot a TV show in Tennessee and honestly if they proceed with this I’m not necessarily going to feel comfortable working there. That is a tricky situation because of course we employ a lot of people in the state, and you certainly don’t want to have to interrupt that, but at the same time, this is the only way that we can have our voices be heard. Unfortunately a lot of the way that we do that is through the choices we make financially.”

We didn’t know we could love Tami Taylor more than we already did!

Who knows… maybe Nashville won’t be singing such a pretty tune once production gets halted??

How many people have to point out how crazy these anti-LGBT laws are before they actually come to an end??

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Apr 14, 2016 6:22pm PDT

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