Life Of Pi Animal Trainer Charged With Five Counts Of Animal Cruelty After Whipping Video Surfaces

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This story breaks our hearts, but at least there will be some justice here.

Back in December we showed you the upsetting video of Bowmanville Zoo owner Michael Hackenberger, who has provided animals for several productions including the award-winning Life Of Pi, allegedly striking a young Siberian tiger.

In the clip released by PETA, Hackenberger appears to be repeatedly lashing the large cat with a whip and then later explaining the most effective places to hit the animal. The animal trainer later denied PETA’s “lies.”

In new developments on Wednesday, the Ontario SPCA has charged the trainer with five counts of animal cruelty after thoroughly reviewing his zoo’s practices.

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According to TMZ, the charges include causing the animal distress by striking it with a whip handle, repeatedly striking the cat with a whip, and pushing his thumb into the tiger’s eye.

Hackenberger was also charged for failing to comply with animal care standards required by Canadian law.

While the SPCA has the right to remove animals, for now the organization is currently just keeping a close eye on the zoo.

Our hearts say just get the animals outta there –but everything has a process, Perezcious readers.

PETA responded to the charges saying hopefully this ends Hackenberger’s “torment of animals made to suffer for human entertainment.”

In case you missed the disturbing video the first time, you can watch it (below):

Sheesh. Doesn’t get any easier to see.

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Apr 14, 2016 10:54am PDT

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