Nick Jonas Details His First Kiss With Miley Cyrus — And Majorly Regrets THIS!

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It’s okay, Nick Jonas — first kisses are rarely perfect!

In a fun interview with BBC Radio 1, Nick dished on his first girlfriend EVER, Miley Cyrus. The two dated for a hot minute back when Miley still donned a Hannah Montana wig and fans have yet to stop talking about it!!

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For admirers still holding out for a Jonas and Cyrus reunion, that possibility is extremely dim thanks to Liam Hemsworth… but the show did throw us a bone with a tale about the former couple’s first kiss!

According to N.J., the smooch had all the trappings of a perfect and classy moment — California Pizza, Hollywood, and tourists. Oh, and the peck was extremely STINKY.

Yep, we can’t make this stuff up!

Recalling the embarrassing yet adorable moment, the singer revealed:

“The first person I kissed was Miley Cyrus and I kissed her outside of California Pizza Kitchen in Hollywood ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ very romantic. I’d just had a pizza that had onions all over it. I’m sure that my breath smelled terrible.”

Ha! What a rookie move, Nick! Save those onions for when you’re out with your bros!

As for whether or not M.C. noticed the New Jersey native’s stench, he admitted:

“I don’t know. I’d have to ask her. But I’m sure she does ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ it was probably pretty potent.”

Well, considering Cyrus witnessed the hottie DRENCHED in sweat before, we bet it was NBD in the end.

To make the convo even more interesting, the 23-year-old played a game of “Snog, Marry, Avoid”, with Demi Lovato, Kate Hudson, and Miles as the options. Wow!

Listen to this hilarious game play out and the full interview HERE!

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Apr 14, 2016 12:40pm PDT

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