Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Performed The National Anthem At Kobe Bryant’s Last Game — And Twitter Ripped It Apart!

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Not everyone appreciates the power of bass!

It was an emotional night for basketball fans on Wednesday when Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant played his final game against the Utah Jazz.

Fans everywhere praised the NBA legend’s 60-point performance during his last game.

But before Kobe took the court, Red Hot Chili PeppersFlea performed the National Anthem — and the fan reaction wasn’t quite as positive.

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The musician, a hardcore Lakers fan who has had season tickets since 1997, performed the The Star Spangled Banner on the bass.

And though Kobe seemed to enjoy the Jimi Hendrix-style performance, not everyone was a fan of the untraditional version of the song.

Like clockwork, the haters came out on Twitter to comment on Flea’s performance:

But it doesn’t seem like Flea cares too much about what haters have to say. After the game, he told TMZ what he thought about his performance, saying:

“I rocked that sh*t!”

That’s what this country is all about — the freedom to not care about what social media trolls have to say!

Ch-ch-check out his performance (below) and see what you think!

[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 14, 2016 11:08am PST

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