Ruby Rose Has The Best Response To The Controversy Surrounding Her Comments About Turning People Gay!

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Add an amazing sense of humor to Ruby Rose‘s resume!

Over the past few days, Ruby has received a lot of backlash for some comments made in Galore Magazine. Essentially, R.R. made a joke about all those people who say she “turned” them gay.

Ha! The phrase “turned” makes Rose sound like a zombie in the The Walking Dead — like she goes around infecting fans with her gayness!

Video: Nina & Ruby Have A Prank War!

Obviously, the actress made light of the situation and even joked about wanting to “turn” straight for Channing Tatum. Even though the conversation was light in nature, the model remained respectful to everyone’s sexuality throughout.

Despite Ruby’s best intentions, the internet had field day with her remarks… a controversy which motivated this gem of a response:

I’m a fan of all these publications and the 100s of others that have used bizarre click bait headlines and taken a really light hearted funny interview with @galore out of context… But I literally don’t “hate anything” “I don’t think airport fashion is trash” “Nor do I think I turned anyone anything” I just answered the questions asked … Just read the link from Galore I’ll put in my bio. I said everything is a blessing, everything is complimentary and I don’t take it seriously. Also that I found Channing Tatum really hot in magic mike but sadly I didn’t turn straight. ├░┼╕Γäó╦å├░┼╕╦£┬¥.. I also named basically all my friends who are perfect looking all the time and said I’m trash at the airport and they are heaven. So I don’t know why people can’t just use actual quotes from the article.. Why make a positive article a negative jab. I think everyone is somewhere on the Kinsey scale.. So to make headlines ( most people don’t bother reading the rest ) appear like I’m shaming people about their sexuality or like I have any right to claim to know others sexuality is dangerous. I HOPE EVERYONE IS GAY THEN I CAN MEET TONNES OF GAY BABES!! Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. Blah!A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on Apr 14, 2016 at 7:15am PDT

LOLz! We especially love the last lines of this defense!

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In all seriousness, it’s clear the 30-year-old meant no harm with her comments. Things are taken out of context everyday!

So, are YOU satisfied with Ruby’s retort?

Apr 14, 2016 1:52pm PDT

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