Three-Month-Old Baby Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances During First Ever Time At Day Care


This is absolutely horrible.

On April 1, a three-month-old baby died during her first-ever day in day care. Pennsylvania authorities are investigating the suspicious death of McKenna Felmly after receiving reports she became unresponsive while at Sharon’s Day Care.

The following day, Carbon County Coroner Robert Miller, Jr. conducted an autopsy on the young child. While he found no evidence of trauma or serious injury, he admitted that it will take weeks to know the actual cause of death.

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This week, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services shut down the facility because of “gross incompetence, negligence and misconduct.”

The infant’s father, Bryan Felmly, created a GoFundMe page, detailing the horrific day he and McKenna’s mother, Adrienne Kromer, dropped their baby off at day care, explaining that she didn’t seem sick when they brought her in.

He explained that Adrienne called Sharon’s multiple times to check up on their daughter, writing:

“The daycare said she was doing fine in the morning. When she called around lunch they (daycare) said she would not take a bottle (McKenna was breastfed) and she freaked out every time the bottle came near her. Adrienne asked the daycare to syringe feed her since she only had 2 oz since the time she was dropped off in the morning. Whether or not she did, we don’t know.”

When the parent phoned around 2:30, that’s when she started getting concerned. Bryan added:

“Daycare said she took about 1.5 oz but only got the milk out my gnawing on the nipple and that she laid her down shortly after and she fell right asleep which is very unlike her. She always takes a while to fall asleep. Lots of rocking, swaying, cuddling, etc. Adrienne was heartbroken so she told daycare she would leave an hour early which would have been 330.”

But it got worse when the day care reached out to Adrienne:

“Adrienne left work at 330 as promised. At 339 she received a call from daycare saying, ‘Where are you? It’s the baby! It’s the baby! She’s not breathing!!! Get here as fast as you can!’ She was already in the car and on the way to pick her up. Daycare said she went to check on her at 3 to wake her up and feed her before Adrienne got there and she wasn’t breathing. I guess she then called 911. We later found out that 911 was not dispatched until 3:33.”

By the time her parents arrived at Sharon’s, McKenna had already been sent to Palmerton Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

After looking into the tragic incident, the Department of Human Services said the child was left unsupervised for about 25 minutes while an employee went to wake up other children from their naps.

Apparently, when the staffer returned to McKenna’s room, her lips were blue, and she was unresponsive.

Our hearts are breaking for this poor family. If you’d like to do your part to help, click here.

[Image via Bryan Felmly/GoFundMe.]

Apr 14, 2016 2:09pm PDT

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