Tyga Shuts Down Interview Over A Single Question About Kylie Jenner!

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Nothing about this is surprising. At all.

The most interesting thing about Tyga is without a doubt his relationship with the most famous 18-year-old in the world… but don’t tell him that!

In not-so-shocking news, the rapper reportedly stormed out of an interview in Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday after a journalist tried to bring up GF Kylie Jenner!

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Apparently, the 26-year-old KUWTK star is currently down under for his Rawwest Alive Tour, but a single question not pertaining to his music elicited this dramatic response from T:

“End of interview.”

Okay… calm down, Tyga. Obviously the only thing people care about is Kylie.

We doubt the reporter could even name two songs you sing — you should have just appreciated the fact that they pretended long enough to ask how the tour was going in the first place! LOLz!

What do U think about Tyga’s latest case of international shenanigans??

[Image via Tyga/Instagram.]

Apr 14, 2016 11:01am PST

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