Bethenny Frankel SLAMS Claims She Made Offensive Racial Remarks At Entrepreneurial Summit

Bethenny denies it all!

Uh oh. Bethenny Frankel is finding herself in hot water!

It’s been revealed the Real Housewives Of New York starlet reportedly made offensive comments about women of color at an entrepreneurial summit over the weekend.

According to attendee and entrepreneur Mary Pryor‘s Huffington Post report of the event, she shared:

“Frankel implied that women should have sex with men in exchange for capital. I was offended when she expressed some kind of kinship with black women because she’s ‘loud.’ And I was taken aback when she advised those of us in the room to get business advice to hire a white man as the face of our companies.”


Another audience member even similarly added:

There seems to be no video from Rent The Runway and UBS‘s Project Entrepreneur event, but the reality TV starlet, who was a guest speaker, is denying all claims!

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Bethenny took to Twitter on Thursday to respond to the reports:

And as for what she claims she did say, it went something along the lines of this:

The 45-year-old continued to explain to her followers:

Interestingly enough, Project Entrepreneur has since issued an apology to Saturday’s attendees on their website, which read:

“We understand that guests were offended during our Day 1 luncheon, following remarks made by our speaker. This was not our intention and is contrary to our goals. We apologize to our guests. We launched Project Entrepreneur to champion all women. We thank those of you who candidly spoke out and welcome this important dialogue.”

Frankel wasn’t named, but it seems even PE acknowledges controversial remarks were made.

What do U think of the situation??

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Apr 15, 2016 10:18am PDT

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