Bradley Cooper Chokes Up While Discussing His Late Father At The Launch Of Sean Parker’s Innovative Cancer Research Foundation

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We rarely ever see Bradley Cooper so raw.

At the launch of Sean Parker‘s AMAZING cancer research foundation, the Parker Institute For Cancer Immunotherapy, Bradley opened up about losing his father to lung cancer in 2011. Understandably, the loss is still incredibly difficult to talk about.

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In a brave move, Cooper used his father’s passing as an example for why we need more resources for people diagnosed with the deadly disease. Even though the actor had a ton of resources and money to help his dad, it was still an exhaustive process. Given how difficult it was for Brad to deal with, he expressed awe and sympathy for those who aren’t as fortunate.

Becoming emotional as he spoke, B.C. recalled caring for his sick poppa:

“I just want to tell you about my father Charles J. Cooper, he passed away from lung cancer in 2011. I was in a very lucky position because I was able to put everything on hold in all aspects of my life and completely focus on taking care of him.”

Even with all of Brad’s good fortune, the situation was less than ideal:

It was just simply overwhelming, incredibly stressful, complex and all consuming.”

Sounds about right. Dealing with a debilitating and deadly illness is never an easy road… especially when it involves someone you love.

Despite the pain, the 41-year-old was able to realize why better funding for cancer research is more needed than ever:

“I can’t even imagine how much more difficult it is for those patients and the families that are less fortunate than I was that simply can’t afford to pay for both treatment and rent. My hope is that one day every person fighting cancer will receive the full support they need to maintain their quality of life from the day of diagnosis to the end of their treatment regardless of economic or social status.”

Bravo! What a noble and MUCH needed cause!

Luckily for patients and their families, Bradley is helping to support a $250 million dollar initiative conceived by Napster founder and billionaire Sean. The foundation hopes to unite 300 scientists and 40 labs in executing Cancer immunotherapy, an unconventional yet VERY promising take on the disease.

The plan is especially unique since it allows competing scientists to put their own interests aside for the sake of the cause — essentially everyone gets the same amount of funding and resources without having to fight for it. Too often scientists are pitted against each other due to a lack of grants.

Our hats go off to Sean, Mr. Cooper, and everyone else who has participated in this incredible foundation. We wish you the best of luck!

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Apr 15, 2016 1:17pm PDT

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