KFC Posted And Deleted A Pic Of A Woman Giving A Guy A Handjob!

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Finger lickin’ good?!

On Thursday, the Australian branch of KFC posted a suggestive photo on their Twitter page where a woman places her hand near a man’s crotch. The suggestive image was purposely pixelated for censorship.

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The NSFW snap was :

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Funny, right?! Apparently not, because people were pissed!

After an hour, the fast food chain’s inbox was full of complaints from customers who found the image to be offensive and tacky.

Not only did they pull the sexy pic, they posted the following apology:

While the fried chicken company did not succeed with their edgy ad campaign, apparently McDonald’s did!

As one social media user pointed out:

In the battle of racy advertisements, Ronald McDonald beat Colonel Sanders!

Apr 15, 2016 9:01pm PDT

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