Visibly Upset Paul Rudd Calls Out Fans Who Picked #TeamIronMan On Twitter With HIGHlarious Personalized Video Responses!

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Paul Rudd may play the tiniest superhero in the Avengers, but he talks the biggest game!

Captain America: Civil War is coming out next month, and Disney and Marvel are going ALL OUT with a viral marketing campaign that is epically dividing the fandom!

Fans can pledge their allegiance to either #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan on Twitter — but before you choose a side, just know that some of the heroes are taking it personally!

Video: Paul Geeks Out About Superheros In Civil War Clip!

Ant-Man himself took to Twitter to call out those who sided against his team, sharing personal video messages to several #TeamIronMan supporters.

The actor posted a few verbal beatdowns telling fans they are dead to him, even asking one user:

“How many other horrible decisions have you made in your life? I bet it’s a lot.”

That’s a super burn!

Ch-ch-check out Rudd’s catty responses to those who sided against #TeamCap (below) and see the action when Civil War hits theaters May 6!

[Image via Twitter.]

Apr 15, 2016 6:23pm PDT

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