The Bachelor‘s Latest ‘Villain’ Olivia Caridi Says She Was Suicidal After The Show

This is so sad.

During the 20th season of The Bachelor, Olivia Caridi was made to look like the villain.

As the episodes aired, the blonde beauty was called “crazy” both onscreen and off as we watched her storyline edited to display some kooky and questionable behavior.

We watched the gorgeous gal’s fellow contestants tear into her during Women Tell All. We witnessed the journalist get dumped in front of millions of people.

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The 23-year-old has already admitted that she was embarrassed by some of her scenes, but now she’s telling Page Six that the time between January and March “was a really dark time” for her.

The ABC alum revealed that she received hurtful messages online from anonymous bullies that said:

“You’re the worst person, ever. You should die. No one would miss you.”

Wow. That’s so horrible.

The TV personality even admitted that the humiliation and the attacks that followed her televised attempt to woo Ben Higgins made her feel suicidal, confessing:

“I was badly bullied as a child because I was overweight. It felt like I was in middle school again. I thought many times what it would be like if I wasn’t alive.”

Woah. So heartbreaking.

Fortunately, the popular program provided the contestant with an on-call therapist after she was eliminated from the competition.

Despite the emotional and mental distress Olivia suffered after the show, and admitting she was definitely done with reality TV, she doesn’t seem to regret a thing:

“It was worth it! I’m one of these hopeless romantics. I thought it could happen on TV.”

While Olivia is now safe and happy, currently living in New York, she’s not the only former contestant from the Bachelor and its sister show The Bachelorette to struggle with suicidal thoughts.

In fact, between both series, we’ve lost three participants to suicide after the cameras stopped rolling: Gia Allemand, Julien Hug, and Lex McAllister.

Lex tragically took her own life earlier this year.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking how often this happens, but we’re glad Olivia was able to get the treatment she needed to stay happy and healthy.

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Apr 15, 2016 4:23pm PDT

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